Weekly Links March7, 2014

Weekly Links Mar 28 2014

What you should have read from the week that was March 1-7.


  • 5 Truths About the Death of Jesus – Over at Desiring God this week, Joe Sheumann shares 5 truths about Jesus’s death on the cross and what they mean for you.
  • Should Every Pastor Get a Sabbatical? – The issue of Sabbatical is something that every church should consider for their pastors. Here, two pastors and a businessman talk about rest and the pastorate.
  • What Christians Get Wrong About Lent – It’s not just our way of giving Jesus Christ a pat on the back, but it’s first about re-centering our will to His and secondly living that out in the world.



  • Teaching Our Children to Lament – Lament can be proper– we see it in Scripture– and we should teach our children how to do it to the glory of God.
  • Moving Past Your Past – We really don’t have a choice about whether the past has impacted us. We do get to choose if we embrace it.
  • Stop Getting So Offended – Why do we get offended so easily? Should we? Would love to hear your thoughts on this one.

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