4 Tips When Starting Your Own Blog

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chat qui rencontre un autre chat Yangshuo Maintaining a blog is difficult, but some who are writing savvy may think that the maintaining (that is, the constant content creation) is the easy part. These people tend to be less technically inclined and because of that they are very scared to try and create a website. I’m here to tell you that starting a blog from scratch really isn’t as difficult as you might think. Here are four tips for starting your own blog.

Decide What Interests You

betonline poker rakeback Blog is really shorthand for a word that became popular several years ago… like when I was seven. The word blog stands in for is weblogQuickly blog became synonymous with the description online diary. Naturally, when you write in a diary you write about things that either happen to you, or that you pursue, and both usually result from things that interest you.

Tecamac de Felipe Villanueva ivermectin pubchem When starting a blog you want to decide what interests you. Are you into sharing your hobbies? Do you really like food? What is your profession? Are you into sports? No one knows what you like more than you do so sit down and just start writing down the things that interest you most. As you compile a list of ideas take a step back from you messy list and you will probably start to see trends emerging right from the page that is before you.

Cluster Your Interests

unsociably wild spins Because all of us approach life through the lens of our worldview you will see various trends that pop out from your list and so as you see these grab another piece of paper and start clustering them under various “big idea” headings. As you might notice I have clustered the material in this blog under what I see as three primary topics: Christ, Culture, and Life. Because of this I try to blog with intentionality and connect each post to one of these ideas. Now you might say, “Christ, culture, and life? That’s pretty much covers, well, everything in the world.” And I’ll concede…. you’re right, which brings us to the next point.

Narrow Your Interests

Shumerlya dragonara live casino Your job is then to narrow your interests so that you create a niche for yourself. But as we mentioned, the example of this blog isn’t very good then is it? Well, yes and no. I do have reasons for such broad categories. If you don’t think you can produce enough content within one particular niche you will need to stay broad. You also want to give yourself enough room that you don’t feel trapped. So, while most bloggers (and I agree in principle) will advise that you narrow your niche, especially if you are monetizing, your expertise and blogging mission need to govern how narrow you go.

Pick And Stick to a Platform

Andong my konami free slots The next thing to consider when starting a blog are the platforms that you will use. This will depend in large part on your mission as a blogger. By platform I mean not only your Content Management System (CMS– like WordPress) but also your domain registrar, hosting service, and email client. Don’t just use what someone tells you to use. Take a look at all of the options available to you and see which one really works the best for you! See my post from last month on comparing some of the major platforms. Once you pick this platform stick with it for as long as you have a site. The familiarity will help the platform itself to fade into the background so that you can focus your attention where it really matters: writing great content!

Habitually Write

Third, you need to do when starting a blog is get into the habit of writing all the time. Carve out a 30 minute block of time when you are sharp every day to focus your attention on writing. Write down everything. Even if it doesn’t pertain to your blog at the time write what pops into your head and save it as a draft. This will do several things for you. It will give you a backlog of posts so that you always have something to publish. It will also get you thinking more and more like a writer. You will start to approach life differently, seeing opportunity in everyday situations to write about. Constant writing will also increase your vocabulary, enhance your precision, and strengthen your argumentation.

 Share Content Regularly

Finally, you need to share content regularly. Blogging is all about building trust with your readers. If your readers do not trust you they will not return to your site, much less will they become a valuable part of the community you are trying to develop. So, you need to share content regularly. Does this mean you need to write every day in order to create a successful blog? No, but it does mean that you should be churning out information at least a couple times a week. Not only is the frequency important though, but the consistency is important as well. If you start your blog and publish content on Mondays and Thursdays at 6 am then keep doing that. If you share everyday at 7:30am stick to that schedule as much as possible.

One Final Note | Resist the Urge

Okay, so I lied. I have a fifth tip and I need to share this because need this tip! Resist the urge to post quality content right after you write it. What I mean by this is that there will be days where you write what you think will be a killer post and your tendency will be to want to publish it before its turn in line. Wait it out. Let that post simmer. Look at it as something to look forward to and stick to your post calendar. Certainly there are some posts that are time sensitive, but for others that aren’t– which are most let’s be honest– be patient and wait to hit publish. Sharing it on its own rather than on a day that you already gave your readers content is a far better strategy.

What tips would you give people who are just starting out in the blogging world?

  1. July 9, 2014 - Reply

    I love your site, it is visually appealing and already has an abundance of amazing content. Btw, thank you for posting your money stats in your other post, that is what brought me here. That is very helpful info. Anyway, congrats on already making money.

    Could you share more details about your blogging habits? I.e. How often do you post, what tools do you use, best plugins for WordPress, how often do you tweet etc. I have seen a lot of ideas out there, but I have not achieved your stats so I am wondering about your specifics.

    • July 9, 2014 - Reply


      I plan to continue to share income reports, but unfortunately I am in the middle of a few life transitions that is taking away from my blogging. I try to post once a day but through my various social media outlets I do recycle old content. I will keep those ideas in mind as well moving forward. Now, to go take a look at your site! Excited!

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    only a few survived.

  4. January 16, 2021 - Reply

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