God wants us to pray that we might have the courage to live before him in ways that are not natural to us.

-Jack Miller


We believe that prayer does something. That when we bow before the Maker of the Universe we simultaneously show our inability to do something and God’s sovereign ability to do that thing. And so, we’re asking you to join us in prayer that our dream for a church plant in the Greater Portland, Maine metro will become a reality. That people will find a community of faith, a group of Jesus followers that look abnormal to what they might be used to. That people will stumble into a culture of grace that they’ve never felt before. That those who are seeking something greater will find the fulfillment of all their longings. Would you join us in praying?

When you join, we will add you to our bi-monthly prayer team newsletter which will include a short Gospel-centered meditation and the most up to date ways you can be praying for our family and team.