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David D Morse

Author: David

Imagining what our world could look like with Jesus at the center. Husband to Jaimee. Papa to August & Bear. Church Planter in Maine.

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  • I feel like no matter how old you are you will never be ready, it’s just a journey on which you learn things along the way 🙂 and the best part you have your spouse right by your side the whole time 🙂

  • Austin and I got a lot of ” you haven’t dated for very long, do you think you know each other well enough to get married?” That question annoyed me because I don’t think you’ll ever completely know someone, and by the time you do, they will have changed to being different than when you first met. Yes, you should be wise enough to let the relationship grow enough to see major faults exposed and decide if you’re willing to love the other person through them, but I get so annoyed with people who waste so many years of their lives dating, too afraid to commit because of petty or idealistic reasons. I just want to slap most of our generation across the face and say “most of your fears about marriage are actually the entire point of marriage – getting to know someone, growing through faults and sins, maturing in your commitment-keeping abilities, becoming the leader your wife needs, etc. ” and don’t even get me STARTED on dating couples who take “fasts” from each other to re prioritize and “see if we miss each other”. I want to slap them across the face and say “honestly, a good deal of marriage is literally making it work. It’s not all sunshine and roses, just make a commitment and stick to it.” People over think it and under commit. That’s just my rant. I enjoyed your post!

  • Although I am no where near getting ready to marry I found this very interesting and insightful. Im glad you have shared the ups and downs of what a real marriage is like in thoughts to try to help others.