Are You Really Part of the End It Movement?

There have been a lot of red X’s, or crosses if you tilt your head right, painted on people’s hands today. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are flooded. Everyone from Kyle Korver to Carrie Underwood have gotten involved. Chances are, if you find yourself situated in the 15-30 year old age group and have had any exposure to Louie Giglio, you had something red on your skin too and probably #enditmovement or #endit today.

I do not write because I don’t support the cause that you have associated yourself with. It is wonderful. It is noble! It is a worthy calling for those who have been called by Christ. It is now part of our DNA as Christians to love the oppressed and stand up for human dignity. I applaud the effort of those who are involved in the End It Movement to help put a stop to human trafficking and slavery. Keep up the good work!

I do write to the thousands who have accidentally joined the ranks of the End It Movement today. Let me just ask you a couple questions if I can. What is the End It Movement? What does Louie mean by the phrase? What part do you have in the movement? What are you actually doing to put an end to slavery?

I’m not condemning you if you are taking part in this awareness event– not even a little bit. I am asking you to check yourself though. Today I really wanted to put a red X on my hand and join the thousands out there. I didn’t feel right about it though. I thought to myself, “Man, this is cool. I want to take part.” But when I actually stepped back and thought about my participation in the day I didn’t feel right about it because it seemed like I was more into trending with all the other people out there doing the “end it thing” than I was into actually doing something to stop slavery. I was more into looking cool than I was about taking action.

And so, I simply pose a question to you tonight so that you can check your motives. Are you really part of the End It Movement to end trafficking and human slavery or are you just part of the one day red X fad?

I really hope its the former. I know for me, I only wanted to be part of the fad initially. Thankfully as the day went on God gave me grace to check my motives and as a result I found myself praying often for those oppressed– prayer for freedom and prayer for redemption through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Prayer for the perpetrators and prayer for those in chains. Prayer for those who are both the slave and the perpetrator by their addiction to porn. Prayer for the children who have never tasted true love.

Now, I sit here typing with a red X on my hand without shame, because the end it movement’s not really about the

If you’re going to join the movement really join the movement.

little red X as much as it is about a really big God, and I’m thankful to have a small part in giving a voice to the oppressed by my prayers. I urge you, don’t just be part of the fad. If you’re going to join the movement really join the movement and do your part by prayer, fasting, and financial support to end global slavery.

God help the defenseless. Let them taste your love.

Give To End It


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