Saving Eutychus

Have you ever read a book on preaching that made you think, “Wow, if I preached like this dude writes, all my listeners would be asleep within 5 minutes.” If not, I’m here to tell you that those books are plentiful. But the book I am about to recommend is the total opposite of that.

Saving Eutychus by Phil Campbell and Gary Millar is funny, engaging, and helpful. All three of those things and it’s under 200 pages!

You may recognize the name Eutychus. He was that young man who scored a window seat at a “conference” with the Apostle Paul. Unfortunately for him, Paul was a little long winded this particular session and he started to nod off– then fall asleep– then fall out of a window.

If you’ve ever preached before you may identify with the story. I recently preached at my church and I could count numerous people who I could give thanks to God for not allowing them to be sitting in windows during my message. And if you’ve ever put anyone to sleep with your preaching before I know I speak for you when I say, “I hate it.” After all, you are delivering (or should be delivering) the most important message in all the world, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and yet you are putting people to sleep.

That’s a problem. The message we proclaim when we preach is not a dry message, so neither should our proclamation be dry!

And that is where this book comes in. Millar and Campbell attempt to walk preachers through designing sermons that keep people riveted– not to you as the orator, but to Christ as their Savior. I think that’s a book worth reading.

The book is light, easy to handle and digest, and very beneficial in helping you think through your sermon prep and your sermon goals. I would recommend this book to anyone who is ever in any type of teaching capacity within the church.

And, because I think this book is so helpful and so important for many readers of my blog, I’m giving away two copies of Saving Eutychus totally free of charge. But if you prefer buying things instead of winning them you can get your copy here.

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