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David D Morse

Author: David

Imagining what our world could look like with Jesus at the center. Husband to Jaimee. Papa to August & Bear. Church Planter in Maine.

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  • This is so interesting to me! I live in Seattle, and attend a small but growing 4-year old church plant (I found it on TGC’s directory). It’s not unrealistic to say that at least 90% of our members used to be at Mars Hill, including our preaching pastor. Many of our elders were elders at one time at Mars Hill, and even some of our worship leaders were once part of the bands. I also know a number of people at Mars Hill – although mainly the lesser known campuses of Shoreline and Ballard. I briefly attended MH-UDistrict when I first moved here, but moved on because I didn’t see it as a good fit for me as a church home. I wanted to be involved, but because I work most evenings, I wasn’t able to join a community group and there weren’t a lot of other options to plug into the church. I have been blessed by many of the podcasts and books that Driscoll has put out. But I know that a lot of my friends don’t even see Driscoll as their pastor; yes they sit under his preaching, but as far as their needs, etc, they have an actual relationship with their campus pastor or community group leader. Based on my experiences living here, with the people I know, MH is very dependent on its community groups; my friends rarely talk about the importance of Sunday worship as a church, but the study and community with their CG is often highlighted.

    I will say this, though: If you are a solid Christian in Seattle, you can probably play 6 degrees of separation between you and all the other solid Christians, mainly thanks to Mars Hill. It’s pretty cool to be able to talk to a new coworker about where she goes to church, find out it’s MH Ballard and realize you have a handful of acquaintances in common already. Or be at a party and always know people who know people. It’s very unifying for the body of Christ.

    • Kate, thank you for your interaction on this topic. Your knowledgeable input is much appreciated. It seems that many of the things you highlighted are natural outflowings from a church of MH’s size. Not necessarily the healthiest in my opinion, but I could have expected it. I have been incredibly helped by Driscoll’s ministry (particularly books) so I am encouraged by this letter and do continue to pray for him as he ministers to the Pacific Northwest.

  • This is the most refreshing message that I’ve seen from Pastor Mark Driscoll in a long time! While searching for a church here in Southern CA to call home, I found several churches that were not MH affiliated, yet relied heavily on the teachings of MH. The reach of his influence is far and wide. While I think that a lot of his teachings are a great way to put a fire for Christianity under churches again, I am admittedly scared by the growth of the MH mega church and the radical ideas of Driscoll. I can’t recall anyone I know who has views and feelings as radical as him, which is why I think it’s tough to relate to him. Good idea to scale down and get back to basics.

      • I’m not Carly, but my thoughts on Driscoll are similar.
        He’s crude, and I suspect that his popularity with 20 something year olds is due to the fact that he leans far from the uptight Christianity that many were raised under. His Edinburgh sermon on the Song of Solomon? Preached on a Sunday morning… I’m not yet 30, and I found it shocking.
        And to say that his theology is troubling would be an understatement, in my opinion: buy modafinil online amazon … Mark Driscoll, the Seer?
        I truly hope that he means what he has written in his letter. I don’t, however, believe that he is older/wiser spirit pastor material, as he writes that he would like to be. He’s too much of the “angry young” preacher, and it’s not a result of his age– it’s because that his personality, and I suspect, his ego.

        • Thanks jaq. I appreciate your input. I truly do. I really believe that speculation on ones repentance does little good for the body and only time and fruit will tell. As for some of the shady doctrine like in the video you posted, I totally get it. I don’t necessarily agree with his theology to the t… But for the most part I do. All in all your statements are true though and it’s definitely necessary to think through.