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David D Morse

Author: David

Imagining what our world could look like with Jesus at the center. Husband to Jaimee. Papa to August & Bear. Church Planter in Maine.

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  • I think part of this issue is how the word “legalism” is used. People often use the word in various and distinct ways. And the word doesn’t occur in scripture, so there’s not some Biblical definition of legalism that’s binding on all of our uses or something. So this variety of use is often legitimate and various uses often have scriptural support, even if they differ. But one does well to ask what one means by “legalism” when it’s used. Some mean “justification by works”–although all orthodox churches reject this, this seems to be an innate thing within all sinners and therefore “indiscriminate” as you would say. This sense of earning God’s grace by our effort… –also indiscriminate among all sinners. But, if by legalism we mean a certain corporate doctrinization of certain man-made rules (cf. Matthew 15), then I might want to make the case that this specific form of legalism tends to show up in some parts of Christianity more than others (i.e., less indiscriminate). –One case being fundamentalism. I guess I’m afraid of falling into this trap: If everyone’s a legalist, than it may appear that no one is actually a legalist; and no one is liable to a special critique for a problem that’s somewhat particular to them. I see what you’re saying. And I agree. But I think when we look at different ways that “legalism” can be used, it can be particularized. So, think of this comment as supplementary. 🙂

  • Great post 🙂 And I thought a “certain corporate doctrinization of man-made rules” had another name. A friend of mine told me about “nomism” (I think that’s what it was called at least) where instead of trying to work for salvation because we know that’s impossible, it’s this sense that my works can merit God’s approval of me and that’s why I work so hard. Could that be what Kirk is talking about?

    • “Nomism” would come from the Greek word nomos, which means law. So, “law-ism” v. “legal-ism.” I think we’re splitting hairs here.

      Like I said, we don’t have a universal code for how to use these terms. So, I think we need to recognize HOW the words are used and recognize the diversity there.

      As such, although I agree with David that a certain generic sense of legalism is common to all, I think legalism can take many forms that are more particular to some than others. And these “types” of legalism are reflected in the various ways people use the word.

      David, I’d be interested to see what you think.

      • Sorry for how long it has taken me to reply… I had another post that blew up and was working on answering people over there.

        I may have done well to define legalism at the outset, but I think most people catch the vibe I’m going for based on the examples I give. There are really two types of legalism (i.e- attempts to get to God apart from Gospel– maybe that’s the definition that you’re looking for). The first type is to get in good with God by keeping the rules and the second type is to “get to God” by becoming god.

        That is why I said in the post that we are all legalists in some sense. The Roman pagans and the Jewish religious crowd each attempted to get to God apart from Jesus.

        So, I think legalism could mean any of the things mentioned in this thread. There is some elasticity to the word as Kirk has said and so justification by works or sanctification by works apart from grace are both in play here.

        • I think see what you saying.

          But I guess what I’m afraid of is making legalism into merely a “heart” matter, merely something internal. And therefore, according to this view, it wouldn’t really matter if we establish a bunch of rules and such, because that’s not legalism necessarily. Legalism is a heart thing, so it is said. The rules are just for practical purposes; and one can view these rules legalistically or un-legalistically. The issue isn’t the rules but the heart. So, this sort of thought gives people a pass to maintain a set of rules that might otherwise rightly be called “legalism.”

          But what I see in Matthew 15 is Jesus not just condemning legalism as a heart issue, as if the external rules don’t matter; and what matters is just how one internally responds to them, uses them, views them, etc. No, he is also condemning the setting up of these rules itself.

          In sum, what I’m saying is that there seems to be a certain type of legalism (corresponding to a certain way people use the word as opposed to other ways it is used) that is particular (less indiscriminate). And this is treating man-made rules and God given rules. This may be a manifestation of a generic indiscriminate legalism. But I don’t think we see this specific FORM of legalism universally in everyone equally. I want to be careful not to flatten our sense of legalism so that, as I said early, if everyone’s a legalist than no one’s a legalist–using “legalist” in this particular sense of the word.