5 Easy Steps For Better SEO

[tps_title]5 Easy Steps for Better SEO[/tps_title]

4. Gain Quality Links

Search engines index your site based on a number of factors and calculate you based on your importance and relevance. One of the best ways to show engines that you are both of these is to gain links. How many paths are there leading to your site? Are these quality paths? There are many ways to build links, but there is a difference between a lot of links and quality links. Sure, you could buy 100 links from some place on the internet, but chances are these poor links will do more damage than good. Instead of trying to find shortcuts, be patient and allow your site to build credibility and links over time. Ten good links from reputable websites will far outweigh one hundred poor links from sites that are shady.

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  • Thanks for this series, seo is where i really struggle! When i post in my blog I insert showcases for my images, which make photo uploads a lot easier. However in doing this, I don’t see a place to tag anything. How would I go about doing this? Also, if I am posting images of people, what would you suggest you tag….my location, my website? Thanks so much!

    • Hi jasmyn I’m not sure sure I follow “showcases.” No matter how you upload there should be a way for you to get in and alt tag the image. What client do you use for your site? WordPress?

      When tagging I would suggest you use relevant but desired keys. So, if you are a Minneapolis wedding photographer uploading a brides picture tag something like “Minneapolis Bridal Portrait.”

      Make sense?