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David D Morse

Author: David

Imagining what our world could look like with Jesus at the center. Husband to Jaimee. Papa to August & Bear. Church Planter in Maine.

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  • I love your site, it is visually appealing and already has an abundance of amazing content. Btw, thank you for posting your money stats in your other post, that is what brought me here. That is very helpful info. Anyway, congrats on already making money.

    Could you share more details about your blogging habits? I.e. How often do you post, what tools do you use, best plugins for WordPress, how often do you tweet etc. I have seen a lot of ideas out there, but I have not achieved your stats so I am wondering about your specifics.

    • Allie,
      I plan to continue to share income reports, but unfortunately I am in the middle of a few life transitions that is taking away from my blogging. I try to post once a day but through my various social media outlets I do recycle old content. I will keep those ideas in mind as well moving forward. Now, to go take a look at your site! Excited!